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Meet William "Joe" Sellmer


Joe Sellmer

The Prepare to Protect Podcast is all about how you can be prepared to protect yourself and those around you as you live your life on your own terms. 

In each episode, Joe Sellmer (and his guests) will walk you through one simple tweak that you can make to your personal life that will help you to be happier, healthier, and ready to deal with the dangers that life throws at you. 

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Joe is the owner of Parabellum Firearms and Indoor range in Avon, Indiana. However, Joe is a firm believer that just having a firearm is not enough. In fact, there are times when a firearm is not the best choice. You need to take steps every day to be aware of your situation, your surroundings and your abilities to be able to protect those that your love. He teaches how to prepare yourself, and your family, to be prepared.